fredag 17. april 2009


Sorry for being absent the last few days. I've had plenty of things going on lately, and this blog haven't exactly been my first priority - unfortunately. At the moment, I'm in Gjøvik, two hours from Oslo. I just played in a music competition here, and tomorrow I'm playing again with my little sister on the cello. Later tomorrow, I'm going back to Oslo on a workshop and soundcheck for a competition (UKM) with my band at Sentrum Scene. On sunday, I'm playing at Sentrum Scene, and then going back to Gjøvik, and eventually going back to Oslo again. Stressfull!

BUT, over to something else. My sister came home from Portugal and Spain a few days ago, and brought this goodie from Topshop with her:
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A oversized, flip-over clutch with yummy leather.

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