lørdag 16. mai 2009


You can't count me as an big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, but this post is officially dedicated to a familiar - the ESC-winner Alexander Rybak. All my luck, happiness and congratulations to you! I'M OVERWHELMINGLY PROUD AT THE MOMENT! To be quite honest, I'd never imagined seeing him in the Norwegian contest. I was pretty surprised when he first told me. After winning the Norwegian contest, seeing him everywhere and having all my friends/classmates summing about him every single day, was truly weird. But after this evening, seeing him win the whole European thing, I've only got one thing to say: "Look up for this guy!" 387 points, what a triumph! Impressive dancers, impressive guy. Wish you all the best in the future, mister:)

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Hey, and gotta add to all you Norwegians - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May 17 is one of the best days in the year. The Norwegian National Day is great, and Alexander winning ESC is like the cherry on the top!
Greetings from Norway, greetings from:
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  1. Sv: Kjolen kommer fra Divided exclusive, og koster 598 kr. Skulle gjerne tatt et bilde med den på, men "fotografen" min er ikke hjemme, og jeg har ikke helfigurspeil=/. Men du burde sjekke den ut, er sikker på at den kommer til å se smashing ut på deg :D

    Ha en fortsatt fin 17.mai!